Happy Canada Day!!!!!

Today is Canada Day. It is a good day to remember Canada’s love for Noynoy during his term. Canada loved Noynoy so much she exported her garbage to Tarlac as per the story below by Jarius Bondoc. If you read the story the wise Mr.Bondoc tried to make it sound like a bad thing. It is all a matter of being optimist. You know some people see the glass half full while others see the glass half empty? Well some people see it as garbage. I see it as a manifestation of  the love Canada has for Noynoy . Anybody who agrees with us is our friend. Love for Noynoy is love for the Philippines!!! 





P-Noy’s province becomes Canada’s garbage dump


Justin Trudeau thanking Noynoy for accepting Canadian garbage.





Where to dump garbage bugs most cities. Costly and few, landfills are unwelcome to the locals even if certified sanitary. NIMBY, “not in my backyard,” is the rule. So residents of Capas and adjacent towns in Tarlac howled last week on learning that 600 tons of trash had been put there from outside. The outsider is Canada, which President and most famous Tarlac son Noynoy Aquino visited only in May. P-Noy on returning then had bragged of bringing home new investments. But what province-mates got was “basura.” And thousands more tons of Canadian waste is coming, in leaking, leaching, stinking 40-footer shipping containers.

The mayor of Capas and governor of Tarlac put the blame on the Clark Development Corp., under Malacañang. The Bureau of Customs had contracted it to empty the 103 containers. So a CDC subsidiary for waste management fetched an initial 29 from the Port of Manila, and surreptitiously buried the contents in its landfill at the edge of Capas.

The Customs chief acknowledges owning the trash. The “import” had been abandoned there since two predecessors ago in 2013, making the agency the official custodian of the contraband. Needing to decongest the port, he had to have the trash buried somewhere, anywhere. Before he took office, some of the containers had been moved to Subic Free Port, which now also wants them unloaded in Tarlac or nearby Bulacan.

The missing importer is one Adelfa Eduardo, whom Customs has failed to track down. She goes by a fictitious company, Chronic Plastics, with a fictitious address. Exporter is Chronic Inc., owned by Ontarian Jim Makris, who reportedly has been guffawing over his misdeed.

Meanwhile, environment group Ban Toxic is egging the Dept. of Foreign Affairs to return the trash to Canada. That’s the Philippines’ right under the Basel Convention, of which Manila and Ottawa are signatories, the group says. The pact forbids international trade in hazardous waste – that is, flammable, explosive, corrosive, or toxic. The country of origin must take back the trash at its own expense if the recipient confiscates it as illegal. The 103 containers carry mostly household and some hospital waste, including used adult diapers and syringes, therefore hazardous.

The media cry that today’s admin is so unlike in 1999, when a Japanese firm shipped hazardous industrial waste to Manila. The foreign secretary then, married to a Japanese, made Tokyo pay for retrieving the containers. He also made sure the company paid fines to Manila, and the chairman and the president were jailed in Japan, especially after hiding in Thailand. Today, the foreign office allegedly does not want to ruffle the feathers of Canada because a friendly country — which Japan also is.

The DFA’s hands are tied, though. For, the containers were seized not for storing hazardous waste, but for being abandoned. A certificate from the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) officially cleared the import as “recyclable paper and plastic.” That Customs later found it actually misdeclared is meaningless in negotiating with Canada. This clearly is another case of local corruption. Makris had paid Eduardo to get rid of the trash for him. The latter in turn likely paid off DENR higher-ups to falsely certify the trash as safe. (Why Canada would export recyclables is odd, when it has better technologies; then again, DENR bosses hopelessly are crooked.)

So there. The Canada garbage is yet another mess courtesy of the DENR. That same department is pushing for open-pit gold mining in Lobo, Batangas, fronting Verde Island Passage, the “center of the center of Southeast Asian biodiversity.” That agency abets crooked governors and mayors in illegal nickel and magnetite (black sand) mining. That office permits chromite and iron extractions that poison forests and farms, rivers and seas.

The head of the DENR is a forester. He of all officials should know that no mining may be done on land with 18 percent (10.2 degrees) slope, because deemed as forest reserve. Yet to influential politicos he grants mines along hillsides, thus causing fatal landslides every raining season, May-October.

P-Noy must value him so much – to remain silent about the Canada garbage.

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