You Idiot, Leni Is Your Savior

When I saw Leni Robredo’s video to the UN, my first reaction was, did she accidentally swallow a bottle of glutathione? Why is her face so white all of a sudden? If you look at pictures of her from a year ago, you’ll see that she looks so different now. Different hair color, different skin color, different way of dressing, different way of speaking. I never bought her “laylayan ng lipunan” story when she was campaigning, but even I didn’t anticipate that she would succumb to the lure of fame and fortune so quickly and absolutely. She has sold her soul to the devil, and there’s no coming back.

Some people who used to support her are now sighing about how sayang she is, how they thought she would be a good VP because she was “modest”, or how they tried to give her a chance even if they knew she didn’t really win the elections, because they thought she could “balance” out Duterte, and they’d rather have her than Bongbong Marcos.

When will these people ever learn that their irrational, emo thinking always leads to the wrong decision? How does being “modest” qualify one for the job of Vice President? How can a no-accomplishment neophyte whose party cheated to make her win be more acceptable than a former dictator’s son who, by the looks of things, was the real choice of our countrymen, whether we like it or not?

The greatest danger that faces our President and our country today is not ISIS, or the Maute Gang, or the drug lords, or the narcogenerals. It’s Leni Robredo. She’s a ticking time bomb that was planted by the Liberal Party one step away from President Duterte, and she is the reason why Duterte’s enemies are so confident about challenging him. Leni Robredo is the insurance policy of the drug lords. She is the get-out-of-jail card of Leila de Lima.

We must all unite to take this ticking bomb out and throw it into a pit, as quickly as possible. There is no middle ground. No “sayang naman siya, let’s give her a second chance”. Listen up, emos: The “modest” person you’re feeling sorry for never existed. Leni Robredo may only be a puppet, but she always had a taste for the glamorous life. That’s why she so willingly traded her soul to be a celebrity. She is an impostor who needs to be called out in the strongest possible terms. Save your sympathy for the people who really need it–the millions of ordinary Filipinos who will be deprived of their last chance at a better life if this woman and her backers succeed in ousting President Duterte.

Author: misterlapageisyourman

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